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Getting Started
All CivilBay spreadsheets are online web based. You need an internet connection and web browser to use it online.
For web browser we highly recommend Internet Explorer 11 to get the best user experience.
For Windows XP users, the highest IE version is 8 and it is not supported. User can use the latest version of Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Firefox if the OS is Windows XP.
  • Login and Change Password
    After you purchase the license, you will get an email from me where you will find your preset user name and password.
    You can check out this link How to login or change password  to login or change your user name and password online.

  • How to Use
    Check out this Online Help  and it will answer most of your enquities when you start to use the spreadsheets.

  • Start Using the Spreadsheets
    For concrete anchorage design, click on this link  concrete anchorage design  to start
    For crane runway beam design, click on this link  crane runway beam design  to start

    User can bookmark above links in the web browser for future quick access.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquiry on using the spreadsheets. Before sending me email please check the
Online Help  first and you may find the answer is already there.