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Moment Connection Type
Moment Connection-Extended End Plate Type
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Splice Connection
Splice Connection Type
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Collapse Moment ConnectionMoment Connection
MC-4 Bolt Extend End Plate
MC at Column Top - Column Siffener Plate
MC at Both Sides of Column - Column Siffener and Doubler Plate
MC-2 Bolts Top Flush End Plate
MC-12 Bolts Extend End Plate MRE 1/3-4W/2W
MC-Flange Plate to Column Flange
MC-Flange Plate to Column Web
Collapse Moment Connection-SeismicMoment Connection-Seismic
OMF MC-4 Bolt 4E Extend End Plate
OMF MC-8 Bolt 8ES Extend End Plate
SMF BFP Bolted Flange Plate
Collapse Shear ConnectionShear Connection
End Plate-Beam to Column Flange
End Plate-Beam to Column Web
End Plate-Beam to Girder
End Plate-Beam to Girder with Stiffened Coped Beam
Clip Angle-Beam to Column Flange
Clip Angle-Beam to Column Web
Clip Angle-Beam to Girder
Clip Angle-Beam to Girder with Stiffened Coped Beam
Shear Tab-Beam to Column Flange
Shear Tab-Beam to Column Web
Shear Tab-Beam to Girder
Shear Tab-Beam to Girder with Stiffened Coped Beam
Collapse Vertical Brace ConnectionVertical Brace Connection
W Shape Brace to Column Web
W Shape Brace to Column Flange
Collapse Vertical Brace - SeismicVertical Brace - Seismic
SCBF HSS Ver Brace
SCBF HSS Chevron Brace-Top
SCBF HSS Chevron Brace-Bottom
Collapse Horizontal Brace ConnectionHorizontal Brace Connection
Horizontal Brace-End Plate
Horizontal Brace-Wrap Around Gusset Plate-Clip Angle
Horizontal Brace-Wrap Around Gusset Plate-Shear Tab
Collapse Chevron Brace ConnectionChevron Brace Connection
Chevron Brace
Collapse Knee Brace ConnectionKnee Brace Connection
Knee Brace
Collapse Base Plate Ver Brace ConnectionBase Plate Ver Brace Connection
Base Plate Ver Brace-Column Flange
Base Plate Ver Brace-Column Web
Collapse Splice ConnectionSplice Connection
Splice-Exterior Flange Plate
Splice-Exterior/Interior Flange Plate
Splice-Top & Bottom Extended End Plate
Splice-Top Flushed & Bottom Extended End Plate

Moment Connection - Extended & Flushed End Plate Type

This program provides the most complete Extend End Plate and Flush End Plate bolt patterns MC connection which are more than those bolt patterns specified in AISC Design Guide 4 and 16

Extend End Plate MC Bolt Pattern

The MC bolt pattern naming is based on AISC Design Guide 4 and 16

4 Bolts 4E 4 Bolts 4ES
8 Bolts 8ES 8 Bolts 8E-4W
  8 Bolts 8ES-4W   6 bolts MRE 1/2
8 bolts MRE 1/3 8 bolts MRES 1/3
12 bolts MRE 1/3-4W/2W  

Flush End Plate MC Bolt Pattern

The MC bolt pattern naming is based on AISC Design Guide 4 and 16

2 Bolts 4 Bolts
4 Bolts Stiff Between 4 Bolts Stiff Outside
  6 Bolts 2W   6 Bolts 4W/2W
8 Bolts 2W