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Quick Start

Important Note:  

This program only works on Chrome   , Firefox   or Opera  browser.

The first choice is Opera , the second choice is Chrome , the third choice is Firefox .
If you are not using one of these three browsers, please change to one of them to start the program. All these three browsers are free.
Opera browser is very similar to Chorme and performs the best among these three browsers. User can download Opera browser free from here Opera browser for Windows      


User can click on this link Start Program  to start the program at any time.
Civilbay steel connection is a online web based program. Users key in inputs online and get result online. Although everything is online, users are able to Save/Load input file
to/from user's local computer and print the calculation report to user's local printer.
Civilbay steel conection design is very easy to use program. It has only one user interface for all connections as shown below.

User Interface


Below is the only interface with different areas



Area-1 : sketch area,    sketch is shown in this area. Users can change different views of same connection by clicking on radio button in Area-5
Area-2 : status area,    showing license status and calculation result in this area
Area-3 : input area,      users key in inputs in this area, by clicking on different tabs in Area-4, the input fields will change to serve different part of inputs for the connection
Area-4 : input tabs,      clicking on different tabs in this area it will change the input contents shown in Area-3
Area-5 : sketch view tabs,    clicking on different tabs in this area it will change the sketch view shown in Area-1  

First Connection

The first step is go to General tab and then Select design for connection type as shown below to select connection type
All initial connection type selection and configurations are defined under General tab.
After finishing General tab, users can continue with the next Section tab to define beam/column section size.
After finishing Section tab, the following tabs will be different components of the connection, clicking on these tabs it will change the input panels in Area-3
for users to key in inputs serving different components.
The second last tab Design Load is for load input, clicking on this tab the load input panel will be shown in Area-3 for user input.
The last tab Design Calc is for displaying calculation report, clicking on this tab the calculation report panel will be diaplyed.

When You Get Error Message

The program may have bugs which will casue error. When you get the error message similar to the one shown below, don't be panic. Follow these steps to report the bug to me.
1. First, take a screenshot of the error message similar to the one below, and email the screen shot to me.
2. Second, check this page  How to Reset Program  on how to reset the program. After reset, click on this link Start Program  to start the program again.
3. After restart the program, repeat previous steps to reach the step just before you getting error message, save your input file and email it to me.
Tell me for this file on which input you click causes the error. I will fix the bug if I can repeat your error message here.
Below is a sample error message screenshot. Your error message may not be the same but shall be similar.

Sample Error Message