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Result Summary                  
Overall         ratio = 2.00 NG  

Design Code Reference                  
Crane runway beam design based on           Code Abbreviation
CSA S16-14 Design of Steel Structures CSA S16-14
CISC Guide for the Design of Crane-Supporting Steel Structures 2nd Edition CISC Crane Guide
AISC Design Guide 7: Industrial Buildings-Roofs to Anchor Rods 2nd Edition AISC Design Guide 7
CMAA 70-04 Specifications for Top Running Bridge and Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes CMAA 70-04
Crane Data                    
Select design code   =      
No of crane in the same aisle   =              
No of wheel on one side of bridge =              
Crane rated capacity Wrc = [Metric Ton] = 178.1 [kN]    
Bridge weight Wbr = [kg] 13442 kg = 254.5 [kN]    
Trolley + hoist weight Wth = [kg] 1650 kg = 47.2 [kN]    
Bridge wheel spacing d1 = [m]            
Max. static wheel load by vendor Pmax-v = [kN]            
Crane bridge span Sr = [m]            
Min. hook approach left  SL = [m] 0.95 m          
  right  SR = [m] 0.95 m          
Runway CL to col CL distance left  eL = [m] 0.50 m          
  right  eR = [m] 0.50 m          
Crane runway beam span L1 = [m]            
Crane column CL to CL distance Sr + 2e = [m]            
Runway Beam    
Runway beam section type   =  
W and C comb section size   =          
Weight : 0 kg/m
bf-w =0.0 d-w =0.0 tw-w =0.0 tf-w =0.0 bf-c =0.0 d-c =0.0 tw-c =0.0 tf-c =0.0 d-wc =0.0
All section dimensions are in [mm]          
Crane running type   =            
Crane rail size   = Ucr = 0 [lbs/yd]    
            = 0.00 [kN/m]    
Rail base width Bw = 0 [mm] Rail height Ht = 0 [mm]    
W section yield strength fwy = [MPa]            
Cap channel or plate yield strength fcy = [MPa]            
CMAA crane service class   =    moderate service  
Vertical load impact factor   =              
Crane side thrust load option   =            
Crane side thrust load can be calculated using one of the following 3 options          
Option 1 Hs =   0.2 (Lifted Load+ Trolley/Hoist Wt)    
Option 2 Hs = max of 0.2 (Lifted Load+ Trolley/Hoist Wt)    
        0.1 (Lifted Load+ Entire Crane Wt)    
Option 3 Hs = max of 0.2 (Lifted Load+ Trolley/Hoist Wt)    
        0.1 (Lifted Load+ Entire Crane Wt)    
        0.4 Lifted Load    


Crane Runway Beam Design - CSA S16-14        

Crane Load Calculation         View Detail Calc

Overall         ratio = NaN NG View Detail Calc

Local buckling               NG  
Bending about the X-X axis         ratio = NaN NG  
Bending about the Y-Y axis in the top flange    ratio = NaN NG  
Biaxial bending in the top flange         ratio = NaN NG  
Shear along Y-Y axis         ratio = NaN NG  
Web sidesway buckling         ratio = NA OK  

Runway beam vertical deflection         ratio = Infinity NG  
Runway beam lateral deflection         ratio = Infinity NG