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Please check the checkbox below to indicate that you agree to the license agreement below. You can then continue with the purchase.
  • All CivilBay spreadsheets are licensed through a annual subscription basis. User pays the license fee for one year online use only and has to pay renewal fee for next year online use after one year subscription expire.
    If the user doesn't renew the subscription after one year valid license period, the user will not be able to use the spreadsheets again after the one year subscription expire.
  • All CivilBay spreadsheets and manual are online web based and the user needs an internet connection to use them online.
    All upgrades are also delivered online and user does not need to pay upgrade fee as long as the user's license is still valid.
    There is no physical delivery of CD or manual to user at any time.
    There is no installation of software on user's computer at any time.
  • Although we have endeavored to produce the licensed spreadsheet error free the spreadsheet are not and cannot be certified infallible. The final and only responsibility for analysis, design and engineering documents is the licensees. Accordingly, we disclaim all responsibility in contract, negligence or other tort for any analysis, design or engineering documents prepared in connection with the use of the licensed spreadsheets.
  • All purchases are final and non refundable.