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How to Use



Calculation Report


On the top menu tab, the last tab menu is Design Calc. Click on this Design Calc tab and it will navigate to design report interface as shown below.

The checkbox on the top left is for selecting different calculation sections for output.

Each calculation section has multiple limit state check items. The detail calculation of each limit state check item is enclosed inside grey color header.

Users can click on the grey color header to expan/collapse the single check item for detail calculation contents.

Users can also use the buttons on the top right to expand/collapse all the calculation items.






Save/Open File


User can save input to local computer and load back on later.

Users can click on Save or Load buttom shown below to save/load the input file.

The save file process is the same as what you experience when you download files from from the web using the browser. The file will be default saved to your computer's download folder.




Print Calculation


Before print, make sure you has selected the desired sections you want to print and all the limit state check items are expanded/collapsed as what you need.

Refer to Calculation Report  on how to do the calculation section selection and expand/collapse check item details.

Click on the Print button on top right as shown below.





The following instructions are based on Chrome browser. For Firefox browser it would be similar.


After click on the Print button, a new window pop up, click on the top-right maximize button to maximize the new pop-up window.





As shown in screenshot below, right click on the margin to get pop-up Print menu, or press Ctrl + P to get Chrome print dialog box





In Chrome print dialog box, click on the More settings link as shown below to set paper size and margin etc.




After click on the More settings link, it unfolds more setting options. Below is my settings, I checked both Headers and footers and Background graphics as shown below.

The rest would be the same as how you print a webpage from Chrome browser.







User Input



Global Setting



Design Code & Unit



Input Load & Sign Convention