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Welcome to CivilBay Steel Connection Design Suite ! 

User can click on this link Start Program  to start the program.
Note: this program only works on Chrome or Firefox browser, the first choice is Chrome, the second choice is Firefox. If you are not using these two browsers, please change to Chrome or Firefox browser to
start the program.

Civilbay steel conection design is one of the most comprenhensive steel connection design software based on AISC code, CSA S16-14 code (coming soon), and all AISC steel design guides.
  1. It's a pure AISC solution which can cover 90~95% of steel connections design in most projects, with specific strength on brace connection design including vertical brace, horizontal brace, chevron brace,
    knee brace, ver. brace to base plate , and wrap around gusset plate design in horizontal brace.

  2. It provides detail sketches and text book style step by step calculation with formulas and parameters. In every step it shows the code reference source. As such the user knows how the result is derived
    and has full control on the calculation.

User can click on this link Start Program  to start the program, or click on this link Quick Start  to continue with Quick Start.