Design for Anchor Bolt or Anchor Stud
Select design for anchor bolt or anchor stud.

Anchor Bolt
- the anchor rod sticks out of base plate and is
tightened up using nut and washer.
The anchor bolt diameter ranges from 1/4" to 4" and material
tensile strength ranges from 58ksi to 125ksi.
The anchor bolt embedment depth hef can be any depth and
there is no limitation.

Anchor Stud
- the anchor stud is welded to underside of base
plate and doesn't stick out. Most commonly used anchor stud
is Nelson stud.
The stud diameter ranges from 1/4" to 1" and material tensile
strength is 65ksi.
The anchor stud embedment depth hef cannot be any depth and
shall follow standard stud length in manufacturer's catalog. The
stud length can be extended by stack one stud on the other by

The main difference between anchor bolt and anchor stud in terms
of design calculation is in shear resistance design part.
Nelson Stud Dimensions